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"The Negro Ensemble Company, which he co-founded in the mid-60's, was cranking out brilliantly trained black actors, writers, producers, dancers, designers and other technicians destined for careers in the larger entertainment world. We had never seen this kind of Black arts movement since the Harlem Renaissance, and Robert's imprint was all over it." 

- Quincy Jones -

"If this were Japan,

Robert Hooks would be

a national treasure."

The Honorable Sheldon Fisher

"In recounting Robert Hooks' past accomplishments, it becomes clear that he should be actively treasured as a resource today.  Everything Robert Hooks has to say is about our engagement with culture for our autonomy and survival as theater artists and as a people."

   Herbert Allen, Chicago-based playwright & TV producer

"Without his brilliant vision, commitment and connections, his producing skills, his celebrity there would have been no NEC, no Denise Nicholas, no Lonne Elder, no Rosalind Cash or Douglas Turner Ward, no Michael Schultz…no Denzel Washington.  We owe that and more to Robert Hooks." Denise Nicholas, Actor, Author

"Robert Hooks, Sr. was at the center of the contemporary Black Theatre movement. He, with close friends, drew the circle which became the Center. A fine actor, he was able to set aside his own thirst to be on the stage, to allow younger and less acclaimed actors chances to step upon the boards and unveil their talents to the world." Maya Angelou

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